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What is Danga?

Danga Interactive was Brad Fitzpatrick's company that developed LiveJournal and by necessity the backend software to drive it all. Since Danga's acqusition by Six Apart, the meaning of "Danga" is somewhat undefined. It mostly represents this website and this software. A lot of the contributors to this software, both old and new, work for SixApart, but just as many are from the larger community.... people like you.

What's the relation to code.sixapart.com?

There's a lot of overlap. Danga was the original home for most this stuff, pre-SixApart, and we don't like breaking links. code.sixapart.com hosts the Danga project's subversion repositories, and has other projects open sourced by Six Apart.

Why'd you write all this stuff? NIH?

As much as it might look like Not-Invented-Here syndrome, we only wrote software when we had to:

We hate reinventing the wheel. But when the wheel doesn't exist, or is square, we're not afraid to invent a round one.